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Time to add some photos from last year! 
I found some really nice robots and added some new cabinets in a room for a part of the collection. 

In october there was Collect-Hit in Brussels, nice to meet Dirk, Gernot, Xris, Nico and my dear friend Atom Robotoy! 









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Dear Alle, it was a great pleasure to see you again in Brussels, I hope you will be present again this year. Hey we're so cool in this picture 😊 And what about your magnificent collection, superbly presented and of high quality 🤩

See you soon.


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Thanks everyone for your friendly words! 😊

Here a picture of 2 Papa San robots I have.

One came from Paul(Ranger) and the Sinister Creep I found in the Netherlands last week.

Jeremy(RoboDerby) focused last years on the Papa San robots and I was a bit surprised how colourful and nice looking these robots are.




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There was an auction a few years ago in my home town of York, Pa. They had a number of Papa San robots and my bidding was not enough to get any.  I regret not picking out a few and bidding enough. If that occurred now I would be getting at least one of them.


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