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24 minutes ago, Roboto said:

What a great looking Smoking Locomotive robot. How is the smoking action on this very unique and rare robot.:thumbs:

Thanks Roboto,

It needs constant coal inside the boiler:biggrin: he, or, a set of new fresh batteries

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9 minutes ago, Morbius said:

Nice colour combo.


Thanks Morbius:thumbs:

That blue color is actually a little different, it's a deep green blue much more beautiful than the one you see in the pic, phone camera can not capture unfortunately


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10 hours ago, Martian Gil said:

Very nice, Joao!

Those eyes are really cool - 

Thanks Kirk :thumbs:

These eyes are unique to this locomotive block head style version, from the distance they are similar to the eyes of the yellow robot engine but when we get close it has a circuit board type design wich is totally different from the usual block head style.:biggrin:

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  • 2 months later...

Little Gear Horikawa restoration process


After taking the robot almost apart, it was time for remove the rust,

with a rust bath remove product, no more rust baby!

and a cleaning job,

Later... wax on, wax off like the Mr. Miyagi said :-D and here it is, 

i did not mess with the spring motor so continues the same unfortunately but i don´t care.

pictures are not in order don´t know why ... ooooopppsssssss:oops:









Nova Imagem.jpg







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7 hours ago, Martian Gil said:



Bonus - killer photo of just his head.  I love it.  Cheers, Joao!

Hahaha yep i´m glad you like it Kirk :biggrin:


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