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Lost in Space 50th Anniversary


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Lost in Space: The Initial Adventures - Expanded Second Edition Hardcover – April 17, 2024

by Ron Gross (Author)

"Lost in Space: The Initial Adventures - Expanded Second Edition" features a fully illustrated novelization of the initial multi-segment story arc that launched the popular TV series back in 1965. The earliest episodes were clearly in a class by themselves, as they represented the show as a serious science fiction drama. Ron Gross's unique artistic expression helps to bring this highly regarded, initial story arc of "Lost in Space" to life. The finished work also contains a variey of "lost" scenes that were scripted but never filmed or filmed but eventually cut.

In an effort to make the story as complete as possible, one entire "lost" episode plus an all-new follow-up story are also included. The celebrated first five segments of "Lost in Space" were all originally penned by Shimon Wincelberg, but there was originally to have been a sixth installment ("Refuge of the Damned") that was never filmed. Ron Gross now gives us a glimpse into what that final segment might have looked like after studying rare, recently discovered resources. This volume contains an enhanced version of that story compared with how it appeared in the first edition of this book.

Ron then extends this entire concept still further with an all-new speculative story entitled "Saintliness and Savagery." The goal of including this new story was not only to tie up any remaining loose ends, but also to add something else of a somewhat less tangible nature. Those of us who were lucky enough to have been around when the series' first aired recall the unique feeling of excitement it initially provided. There was a sense of ominous wonder, both thrilling and foreboding, that you just had to "be there" to fully appreciate. With this new story, along with the restored and now enhanced "Refuge of the Damned," Ron's hope was to revive those magical feelings in all of us one more time.

"Lost in Space: The Inititial Adventures" is a companion volume to Ron Gross's first book on the Amazon platform, "Fantasy Worlds Beyond: The Irwin Allen Art of Ron Gross." Ron first became aware of "Lost in Space" at age eleven, when the first promo for the show was broadcast by CBS in the summer of 1965. "Lost in Space" continued to capture Ron's imagination into adulthood, which resulted in various scratch-built modeling projects, and box cover art contributions to Irwin Allen-based model kits. Today Ron is officially licensed to create new graphic materials based on the Irwin Allen sci-fi television properties.





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