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Lost in Space 50th Anniversary


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Lost In Space Space Pod Deluxe Lighting Kit for 1/24 Moebius:

Here's a deluxe light kit for the 1/24 scale Space Pod vehicle from Lost In Space. Contains both interior and exterior lighting. Requires electronic building skills. 
Another kit around the 50th to get that Pod lit up. This version to be out Sept. 2015.



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Here are a few Classic with the box art cover with the 50th on them.

Some are pre-orders and one is out now.


Lost in Space Chariot and Robot 1:24 Scale Model Kit:

  • Build The Chariot from the Lost in Space TV series!
  • Kit features a detailed interior, opening doors, and the robot.
  • You'll have a blast with this!

Now you can build The Chariot from the classic Irwin Allen TV series Lost in Space! Second in the Moebius line of Lost in Space model kits, it features a detailed interior, opening doors, and (of course) the robot… a 24-piece miniature kit in its own right. The Chariot measures 11-inches long when fully completed.

This one coming in November 2015.




Lost in Space Derelict and Jupiter 2 1:350 Scale Model Kit:
Now you can build the villain ship Derelict, from the pilot episode of Lost in Space! Posable "fingers" allow you to build either as the closed version, or open to accept the Jupiter 2 (also included). This Lost in Space Derelict and Jupiter 2 1:350 Scale Model Kit requires paint and glue for final assembly.

Pre-order and for Jan 2016.


Lost in Space Space Pod 1:24 Scale Model Kit:

  • "Danger, Will Robinson!"
  • Model kit based on the Irwin Allen Lost in Space TV series.
  • This Space Pod is easy and fun to build, customize, and admire!

Anyone who ever watched Irwin Allen's Lost in Space will recall hearing these words: "Danger, Will Robinson!" Based on that unforgettable sci-fi TV series, this 1:24 scale plastic model kit is as realistic as it gets. Complete with an opening rear door and full cockpit with details, it's easy and exciting to build and customize, and almost as much fun to admire later!

This one is out now.


Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Model Kit:

  • One of the most popular spaceships of all time!
  • From the classic Irwin Allen TV series Lost in Space.
  • Features a full first-floor interior!
  • Display in flight mode or on land.
  • Eye-popping box art by Ron Gross!

Still one of the most popular spaceships of all time, this Moebius Jupiter 2 from the classic Irwin Allen TV series Lost in Space measures about 18-inches in diameter at 1:35 scale. The plastic model kit is easy to build and features a full first-floor interior with careful attention to accuracy. Eye-popping box art by Ron Gross completes the package. The Jupiter 2 comes with optional landing gear that can either be posed down, or not installed and the bays for the gear covered. It is a static model when built.

Coming out sometime this Sept.


Lost in Space The Robot 1:6 Scale Model Kit:

  • The definitive version of Robot B9!
  • From the classic science-fiction TV series Lost in Space.
  • Deluxe 1:6 scale model kit stands 13-inches tall.
  • Filled with an abundance of detail and new tooling!

From Moebius Models' Classic Television series, this is the definitive version of Robot B9! In a large scale filled with an abundance of detail and new tooling, it gives life to the Class M-3 Model B9 robot from the classic science-fiction TV series Lost in Space. The Lost in Space The Robot 1:6 Scale Model Kit is a deluxe piece that does justice to Robert Kinoshita's design and stands about 13-inches tall when built. Level 3 kit. Paint and glue required, but not included.


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by Angela Cartwright & Bill Mumy




A pictorial memoir of the iconic TV Classic "Lost in Space", by the two youngest stars who played Penny and Will Robinson, Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy, The book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the show and the release of the Blu Ray remastered episodes. 
This authorized book has over 200 unique images and personal memories.






by Angela Cartwright & Bill Mumy

This bonus package includes the book LOST (AND FOUND) IN SPACE: 200 pages of Angela and Bill's personal remembrances of their years filming the series packed with rare and never before seen photographs on high quality heavy paper. A must for every true Lost in Space fan!

It comes wrapped in an exclusive reusable tote filled with all sorts of extras:

You will receive an exact duplicate of Bill's Holy Grail of LOST IN SPACE collectibles, this bumper sticker. It is the only one known left to exist in the galaxy!

You also get an exact duplicate of an ultra rare button Irwin Allen distributed only to the cast and crew. It says "I do compute."

The bonus package also includes a never before seen color 5 x 7 postcard of the LIS cast PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED by Angela and Bill that is sure to bring a smile to even the most cantankerous clumps!

All items proudly made in the USA.



sticker 2.jpg


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Music by John Williams, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein, Richard LaSalle, Frank Comstock, Fred Steiner, Jeff Alexander, Warren Barker, Leith Stevens, Alexander Courage, Robert Drasnin, Cyril J. Mockridge, Gerald Fried, Pete Rugolo and Joseph Mullendore

La-La Land Records, Synthesis Entertainment and Legend Pictures proudly present LOST IN SPACE: 50TH ANNIVERSARY SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, an unprecedented deluxe limited edition 12-CD box set of music from the classic sci-fi television series! 

The original music scores from this cherished and historic series come to vivid life like never before, restored and remastered from original scoring elements, and featuring hours of previously unreleased music, including the world premiere release of John William’s score to “The Reluctant Stowaway,” as well as many previously unavailable episode scores, such as “Space Circus,” “West of Mars,” and more!

The music of LOST IN SPACE not only calls forth all the action, danger and unabashed joy of the beloved show, but as meticulously assembled in this astounding set, it reveals itself to be some of the most creative and dynamic scoring ever composed for the medium. Featuring music by John Williams, Herman Stein, Hans J. Salter, Joseph Mullendore, Alexander Courage, Cyril J. Mockridge, Gerald Fried, Leith Stevens, Robert Drasnin, and Fred Steiner and others, the scores of LOST IN SPACE rocket the listener through a warm galaxy of nostalgia and into a vast universe of awe-inspiring musical expression – all of it finally preserved in a pristine collection to be savored. This deluxe set,
limited to 1500 units and housed in an attractive hard-cover slipcase, also contains a 100+page booklet jam-packed with exciting archival photos and art, alongside exclusive, in-depth liner notes by album co-producer Jeff Bond.



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