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4 hours ago, Martian Gil said:

Food for dreams,

...or nightmares!

3 hours ago, Ultrarobotman said:

Thank you, MG, and I should add that I truly did inform the owner beforehand of it's potential value. What makes the story great is while cleaning it and installing new eyebulbs, I found two pieces of paper from the original owner's school days with his name on them stuck inside and turns out I know the man who is now white haired and I've been waiting to run into him, as we live in the same town. 

Cool story ans cool neighbors. What was it doing in the front yard, for decoration or waiting for the bin?

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Haha it's hard to tell, there is a LOT of stuff ( junk) sitting around that property but it looked like decoration but what  surprise to see it just sitting there. Saw it in the corner of my eye and did a double-take. Good thing I didn't crash (was driving) 

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