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My Moon Rocket Fleet Is Nearly Complete.


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thank you for reply.

Here is the link of this rocket. It stand still and no bits till now.


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The SkyExpress is definitely 1990's/2000's Chinese so nowhere near the fifties. As to the box it appears to be one of those ones that a company did to give an aged look to toys - a sort of faked up decorator's item. I've seen some discussions on this site about robots done this way and the boxes have a similar "aged" look. Definitely not worth the 99 euros being asked.

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It the same that I thought about the Sky Express. I have as well a new of them for 22,- Euro from shop. But the Friction works not more. Seems it is not so perfect work style.

But by the way: The old Universe Rockets Express are as well from Chinese former time and all friction motors and sparks works perfect and excellent. If any was first slow than I receive it, I made a little bit spray oil in and it runs like a new rocket.

But Sky Express is not good quality rocket.



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ANZ - What do you make of this?:


It's from a 1962 Western Auto Christmas catalog. Was there ever a Friendship 7 Rocket made? It looks very much like the Masuya Moon Rocket in your collection, but the lettering on the side of this pictured rocket does not say Moon Rocket (the spacing is all wrong).

Perhaps it's a "one off" made just for catalog photos?

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