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Thx1138 Robot Collection


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Ok martijn,

You are scaring me now.

What happened, this morning totally unexpected the doorbell rang and the mailman had a package for me:

A Horikawa Rotate O`matic Super Astronaut


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It has been a while since I posted new pics of new toys. So hereby.

Went this weekend on a bargain hunt and came back with 8 robots.

Here are allready 2 I photographed.

R Robot aka Giant Robot by Bandai

Mike Robot by Tomy

Other pictures of the other robots will follow.



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Great finds there! All classics.

Yes the Hustler is a hoot to watch, sort of like an Arnold Swartzeneggar on the podium with his dazzling lightshow. Your Mechanic Robot is another great piece, the flashing/lighting gear section reflects up onto his 'chin' creating a terrific lightshow especially in a darkened space.

MIB, my favourite acronym and one I've stuck by over 35 years of collecting...only thing though with this pre-occupation is that in my case I've turned down some beautiful pieces only because they didn't have their cardboard attachments with them, however back in the 'old days' of collecting the boxes were kinda thrown-in with the sale.

Nice group of pickups, before you know it you'll be tripping all over 'em a la Christian. BTW, where is he anyhow??? Maybe he's stuck behind a few thousand boxes in his lair....

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some new robots:

Anyone know something more about the russian robot? Maker, year, ....

In the Database he is mentioned as a battery op. robot, this is wrong it is a wind-up robot (with key).

And is it rare or not. Never seen one before. So any help on him is much appriciated



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Great new additions! I have one of those super robots and find it quite appealing for what must have been a relatively late addition to the Horikawa family.

I like the russian bot as well - I haven't seen the box before - cool stuff!

BTW: you might want to reduce those image sizes a bit.

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Thought it was time to show my last additions:

Dux Astroman

Tobor Robot by Capri

Piston Robot aka Piston Head by Horikawa (Yes At last!!!)

Super Robot by Noguchi





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What amazing additions! Can't say I'm not jealous of that piston robot with the box in such great condition!

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