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Thx1138 Robot Collection


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Another addition to the collection:

Sold as fully functional, uptill arrival. He didn´t turned around waist. Luckely enough I had a spare one. So now he is top shape.

A Mechanic Robot by Yonezawa


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Latest additions:

Video Robot, Attacking Martian and a Super Explorer with his widescreen TV.

The rubber bands hold tags from the christies auction in 2000




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and a few more:

A Horikawa Rotate O`matic Super Astronaut (was sold by a old Belgium toy shop - therefore the sticker of Christiaensen) :)

This was a lucky found.

And a Horikawa Radar Robot

It took me 3 Radar robot's, to build me this one - now he is in excellent shape.



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cool collection!!

good thing you don't have horikawas as I don't like them very much,

haha, no serious cool to see how many goodies you achieved in such short time

I bed next week when you take a picture they will be doubled (they tend to do that, did you know??)

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